Two Continents
One Soul




Starts: Eminönü
Ends: Kadıköy

US Dollars

When you book this tour with us, you will:

SAMPLE Turkish breakfast delicacies that you will remember for the rest of your life including Buffalo clotted cream, honey and sesame bagel. We will collect them from the back alleys of the Spice market and enjoy them all with scrambled eggs -the Turkish way- at a local tea house. What a kick off for a long food-journey day!

FOLLOW the paths of historic merchants, walking by a small 16th century mosque with a gorgeous interior design where they prayed. See a roadside inn -caravanserai- of the same era where traders recovered from the day’s journey along the Silk road.

LEARN about the Turkish/Ottoman way of life in the past and today through spices and stories.

STROLL through the streets of the old city admiring the beautiful displays of creative spice mixtures, we will explain how and where to use spices in our cuisine.

WALK over the Galata Bridge that spans the Golden Horn, watch/photograph the fishermen and occasionally fisherwomen hoist up their catch of the day.

VISIT  200-year old Güllüoğlu baklava shop, then we head down to a fashionable street, enjoy Turkish coffees with mastic in a top class trendy cafe where young modern Turks like hanging out.

TASTE some street food like fish wrap, beef tantuni or falafel for vegetarians, nibble here and there, crumbly goat’s milk cheese, pickles, olives, vine leaves, cured beef, mezes, sherbets, juices..

CROSS the Bosphorus on a ferry from Europe to Asia to wander around the wonderful food markets on the labyrinthine streets of Kadıköy.

FEAST your eyes on a plethora of herbal teas, dried fruit leathers, Turkish delights, sesame halvah, honey on the comb, multi-colored pyramids of spices and sweets. 

STOP by a number of restaurants and food shops sampling locals’ favourite fruits, nuts and snacks before we sit down to eat like sultans at a simple but famous spot specialising in regional cooking. Enjoy a selection of traditional dishes from a a wide geographical area, from Mesopotamia to Istanbul. There is a sweet ending to the tour with dessert at an historic patisserie.


— Everything consumed in the walk is included in the price.

— The tour will end in Kadıköy, but your guide will accompany you  to the original meeting point. So you are in good hands!

—There are more than 10 stops, plenty of delicious and varied food to sample from the authentic cuisine.

—Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or special considerations, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

—Feel free to contact us with any questions.

email: [email protected] mobile:  (+90) 536 620 54 47

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