How to cook your Turkish Meal

and Eat it too!


We don’t aim to turn you into a professional Turkish chef in just a couple of hours. We want to introduce you to the ingredients typically used in Turkish cuisine and to teach you how to prepare and combine these in different ways than you may be used to, all this in a fun and relaxed setting.

Culinary Classes

  • Classes are conducted in English, unless requested otherwise. (For private groups, we can speak Italian or Turkish.)
  • Vegetarians, allergies, gluten-intolerance and other can all be accommodated – please notify us beforehand.
  • For those interested in more than one class, we have plenty of different menus in our cooking repertoire.
  • Private classes are available as well. Price depends on number of people and availability.
  • Restaurant recommendations and culinary walk suggestions are available upon request.

Our Concept

You might learn some basic cooking techniques depending on your previous experience, as well as a few neat little tricks. Most of all, you will learn how to prepare a fantastic five-course Turkish meal to reproduce back at home for family and friends.

Afterwards, we’ll sit down together to sample these foods with some local wines and pleasant conversation in our restaurant, while other diners start to trickle in.

Often we prepare extra portions in our cooking classes to be served in our restaurant later. This way you get enough practice while our restaurant patrons can be sure their food is cooked fresh that day.

When What How

Monday through Saturday (closed on Sundays):

Price: USD 90 per person cash payment or USD 100 per person payment by credit card.

  • Lunch:10:30 to 14:30
  • Dinner:16:30 to 20:30

After a brief explanation of the dishes and their origins, we cook for 2 to 3 hours and then enjoy lunch or dinner with some local wine.

Classes are taught in English but for private groups can also be taught in Italian or Turkish. We work as a group but you will be involved in each vital step of the preparation process, in the end you should be able to recreate the same dishes at home.

We are happy to adapt to food restrictions if you are vegetarian, gluten lactose intolerant or have any other allergies, just let us know at the time of reservation and we will accommodate to the extent possible. For those interested in more than one class we have PLENTY OF MENUS IN OUR COOKING  REPERTOIRE. We may offer a discount.

When What How

To confirm a class, we need a minimum of 2. If you are travelling alone, tell us the dates you are available and as soon as we find another person we reconfirm with you.-Our maximum class size is 10.

Private Classes: For group of minimum 8 we can keep your class private, provided the date and time are available. If you are less than 8 we can still keep it private if you pay for 8.

Corporate Team Building:  Culinary team building programs are some of the most popular and effective employee bonding experiences. Cooking and dining together is one of the most joyful and inclusive activities you can do. We are ideal for:

  • Building team morale
  • Annual meetings
  • Moving into new space

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