From Ghetto
to Gourmet



10:00 -16:00
“Except Sunday”

Starts: Pangaltı
Ends: Bomonti

US Dollars

When you book this tour with us, you will:

SAMPLE specialities of a food-centric neighbourhood, a bustling corner of Istanbul, home to minorities of the city, welcome to Pangaltı. Start with the ‘not to miss meal’ of the day, a traditional Turkish breakfast at a hidden gem!

FOLLOW in the footsteps of various peoples that have lived here for centuries and explore the culinary legacy they left behind.Eat their favourite specialities from restaurants that have been in this business for generations.

LEARN  the lesser known sides of the local culture&cuisine. Find out how much influence  Greek, Armenian, Jewish, Kurdish cuisines have had on Turkish Cuisine as a whole.

STROLL in the streets of this authentic neighbourhood passing by small family-owned food shops rich in character and treasures which you will never find in any supermarket.

VISIT the bakeries this area of the city is famous for. Here, bakeries make a special bread during the muslim holy month of Ramadan, people queue to buy a piping hot pide bread. The very same bakeries produce easter buns, decorate their window displays with colourful easter eggs when it is time to celebrate the Christian holiday..Tolerance is the unspoken rule of this old Istanbul district.

WALK amongst locals rushing to work, coming back from school, walking their dog, on their way to the hair dresser, having their cups of coffee with friends. You will witness locals’ daily routines while munching and nibbling what’s on offer.

TASTE Döner kebab, the signature food of the whole nation, lahmacun from Southern Turkey, Armenian and Greek mezesa selection of appetizersyou can not find anywhere else, delicious dairy produce from Eastern Turkey, goat cheese and pastrami, dumplings, grape vine leaves, Circassian chicken salad, Turkish chicken breast pudding dessert. ( what?! ) I promise you will like it 🙂  and other unique flavours.

CROSS the paths of different civilisations  from Italian to Syrian.

FEAST in modest but superb restaurants tucked away in busy streets.

STOP by to experience tastes here and there, finally enjoy your beer -or a non alcoholic drink- in Turkey’s first beer factory,now a chic entertainment centre- surrounded modern high-rise apartments and sky scrapers. You will be amazed by what you see and start to gather why they call Istanbul ‘The Paris of The Middle East’


—Everything consumed in the walk is included in the price. The tour will end in Bomonti, but your guide will accompany you to the original meeting point. So you are in good hands!

—There are more than 10 stops, plenty of delicious and different food to sample from the authentic cuisine.

—Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or special considerations, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

—Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
email: [email protected] mobile: (+90) 536 620 54 47

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