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Our guests come in all nationalities, ages, genders and backgrounds. Some are professional chefs, some complete kitchen novices. Most however, are foodies who just love to cook, drink and eat!

Here is what they have to say:

Guest comments

June 2012

  • What a fun experience slicing, dicing, chopping, grating, and preparing a delicious Turkish meal – the best part was that we got to eat it too! We had a wonderful class of 7 and it was a delight to sit together after our "slaving" in the kitchen and enjoy every delicious bite! Your kitchen staff is so fun and patient with the students! Many thanks for a delightful culinary experience a la Istanbul!! Bill and Nancy, Seattle, WA.
  • Gracias!!! Thank you so much! I loved the experience! Mariana, Columbia.
  • Amazing class – learned new techniques and enjoyed tasting different foods! Worth every Lira, Euro and Dollar! Best meal I have had on this trip so far. Connie, Napa, California, USA.
  • Thank you for the patience and the humor! Brilliant. Jessie and Sharon, Singapore.
  • Amazing class, delicious food, a lot of fun!!! A part of my trip to Istanbul I will never forget. Thanks a lot! Gracias! Alejandro, Guatemala.
  • This was an awesome experience! Great food and instruction, wonderful staff, and great atmosphere. Thanks so much for everything, a true smash! Hannah and Noel, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Very thorough instruction in a clean and tidy environment. The owner is knowledgeable and personable, and the staff chef has a dry and delightful sense of humor. Thank you for a worthwhile experience. Sharon, Oregon, USA.

May 2012

  • This is an original and wonderful experience. Lovely people, delicious food and terrific learning opportunity. Eveline's personality brings it to life. Thank you! You are an exceptional individual and a five-star restaurant. Carol, Florida, USA.
  • I have taken many cooking classes in the US and France and this one is right on the top of my list. We enjoyed the level of teaching, the food and the recipes were just top of the line also. Thank you all for the amount of thought and talent that you put into the class. Lettie, Soundcreek, Wyoming, USA.
  • This was certainly a highlight of my time in Istanbul! I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. I felt very welcome in the kitchen and it was very clean and professional. Thank you, Sarah, Boston, MA, USA.
  • Dear Eveline, What a treat! You have a beautiful establishment here. A wonderful learning kitchen and delicious menu! It was such a pleasure spending the evening with Feyzi, George and yourself. We will treasure our memory of our first night in Istanbul. Warm regards, Rachel and Michael, USA.
  • This class was one of my favorite experiences in Istanbul. The class reignited my desire to cook and is enough to spark my desire to return for another cooking class at Cooking Alaturka. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Jocelyn, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
  • It was interesting to join the Turkish meze class as a Turk. The ambiance and other participants were lots of fun. The mezes were the best I ever ate. Thank you and see you next time! Oğuz, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Really enjoyed the experience! We travel around and cook at most places we go and this was by far one of the best places we've cooked at! Great food, great atmosphere and great people! Loved it, and thank you for accommodating us pescatarians. Paula, Denver, CO, USA.
  • Incredible cooking class and dinner. So professional and fun. Thank you, Mary, Leysin American School, Switzerland.

April 2012

  • Everything today met and in fact far exceeded our expectations – the depth of the involvement in preparation of ingredients, the complexity of the dishes, the variety of tastes. Sarah, Australia.
  • We have been in Turkey for two weeks and eaten many wonderful meals, but doing this course has been fabulous. We think that Eveline would be a hard task master, but we have learned so much from her. We really enjoyed the performance from the "comedian" chef Feyzi. We also really enjoyed the company of our fellow chefs from California. Five stars! Liz and Peter, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Great teaching! Very specific, articulate and focused on the learning of participants. Imagine you are simply paying for a fantastic dinner and you can see what a deal this is for the price. I learned things I very much think I will use in my own cooking. Nate, Chicago, IL, USA.
  • I waited for this for nearly a month in my solitary office at home. Spending a day cooking in a real restaurant in one of my favorite places around the world: Istanbul. Great experience! Nice people, professional Eveline, cool George and the real Turkish chef with the best sense of humor. Everything was just great. Gloria (fellow cooking instructor), Tuscany, Italy.

March 2012

  • An absolutely fabulous evening, learning about Turkish cooking and cuisine. A great hands-on experience – a must do for anyone visiting the magical city of Istanbul! Jenny, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.
  • Thank you for such a delightful afternoon/evening – and for demystifying this fantastic cuisine for us! I'm so thrilled to know the magic combination of herbs, spices and techniques that make such magnificent food. I look forward to making the lentil soup and meat-filled grape leaves at home. Our future dinner guests thank you as well! And your knowledge of local and regional cuisine was an added bonus. Many, many thanks. Nicole and Jonathan, USA.
  • Turkish food and the folks who prepare and serve it with friendship and flavor are the best memories I will take home with me from this trip! Cooking with new friends from around the world and then sharing the meal was much sweeter than dessert. Best wishes with your memoir. Wendy, USA.
  • Thank you for helping a complete culinary failure learn how to cook such a beautiful meal. I had such an amazing stress-free time and throughout the evening I made wonderful friends from around the world. Thank you so much, Emma, Denver, CO, USA.

November 2011

  • Eveline, Thank you for teaching us about how to make some of the delicious food we've been eating during our Turkish adventure. You say that the Turks don't market their cuisine well, but I think you're doing a fantastic job! Matt & Lindsey, Michigan, USA.
  • Eveline, A lunch to remember – this was a find in Istanbul no one should miss!!! Thank you for showing us how to create such delicious food. Jon & Janet, Philadelphia, USA.
  • Ever since I lived in Fenerbahçe in 1973, I have wanted to learn how to make Imam Bayildi. Now I know, and plus I have met such amazing people – Kim, Feyzi – and the cooking companions of me and Amy (my best friend for 50 years!) We will always remember this night. Thank you, Janice and Amy, Boston, USA.
  • We loved everything. My wife is a great and experienced cook – I can't boil water but I now have the passion to assist her in the kitchen (but please, don't tell her in case I revert to my old ways). Howard and Cathy, Santa Monica, USA.
  • Delectable, delicious, funny, comfy – well worth the money! I got turned onto Turkish food in my home of Boston with Olema and Sofra retaurants with cook Anna Sorten. This was a great next step! Much love, Nate, Boston, USA.
  • I enjoyed the cooking class. The instructor Eveline is certainly experienced. Devagi (food teacher and writer), Singapore.
  • I am so pleased I came here tonight. Many thanks for a wonderful evening with delicious food. Amazing as well, the things you can still learn about a thing as apparently simple like cutting garlic! Simone, Holland.
  • Thank you – I really really enjoy the experience. The cooking, the food, the Turkish coffee, the restaurant recommendations and our nice talk. Will definitely come back! Rachel, China

October 2011

  • Dear Eveline, Thank you so much for a great evening! Your kitchen and the experience cooking Turkish cuisine with a bunch of strangers was probably the best thing I've done in Istanbul. What a lovely experience I have had! Thanks again! Tim, London, UK.
  • Evelyn, another great cooking class since our wonderful one in Italy. Always good to see a professional at work with a well-oiled kitchen and presentation. Best wishes, Art and Carol, Food critic, California, USA.
  • This was even better than we had imagined – I am so glad you had your website up and we were able to find you. The lessons were invaluable and I learned so much! If we ever come this way again, I hope we can repeat this great experience. Thanks for all the wonderful expertise. Shirley and Bob, Alabama, USA
  • Super Turkish Chef and Eveline: your cooking lesson and undying patience with 10 novice chefs was truly exemplary. I cannot wait to return to the States and attempt your delicious recipes. You were charming and welcoming. Thank you for tips of the Spice Market. Seattle, USA.
  • I don't even like cooking and I loved this class – especially the coffee demo!
  • This was a wonderful experience! We will laugh about our lessons learned every time we peel onions in New Mexico. Thank you for this worthwhile culinary event. After all the looking and absorbing we did on vacation in Turkey, how nice to get our hands on the food. Keep up your good work. Elizabeth, New Mexico, USA.
  • Thank you for this incredible experience! Looking forward to a second lesson and meal! José and Mariana, Merida, Mexico.
  • Fresh ingredients, exotic spices, delicious tastes. Thank you for an excellent afternoon of learning and then an evening of tasting. I look forward to trying the recipes at home. Tesekkur ederim. Felice, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
  • We had a lovely time learning how to cook a typical Turkish meal – hot yogurt soup is a revelation! Many thanks to Eveline and Feyzi, the Cheeky Chef! Sinead and Alan, Dublin, Ireland.
  • A wonderful night in Turkey that we will never forget. Your class is so well organized and approachable. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Turkish cuisine. Marta, Edmonds, Washington, USA.
  • What a fantastic day – every bit of it was so well done – all the chopping and mixing and then the best meal imaginable... So much fun! Lyn, Roseville, Australia.
  • Learning the stem of an eggplant is analogous to an electrical cable may be life-changing. What fun! Marilynne, Chicago, USA.
  • Thank you for a great experience! We had lots of eye openers and will take them home to our kitchen. Michelle and Blake, Oakland, CA, USA.
  • This was a gift from a friend and what an amazing present! I have learnt a lot about Turkish cuisine and will be buying a can of olive oil when I get back to NZ! Thanks for the lovely food and great evening. Sarah, New Zealand.
  • What a wonderful treat and fantastic introduction to Turkish culture! We really enjoyed the instruction, the company, and most of all, the food! Thanks for an amazing evening. David and Liz, University of Southern California, USA.
  • Thank you for such an incredible experience! This is our first 24 hours in Istanbul and what a fine way to be introduced to your city. Beautiful food and fabulous people – thanks again. Marissa and Scott, Chicago, USA.
  • Our first experience of Turkish cooking – and the thought of spending a few hours in a kitchen wasn't filling me with too much excitement, but wife convinced me it would be worthwhile and it certainly was. Food delicious and cooking experience very enjoyable! Thanks, Adeeb and Ferhana, London, UK.
  • Eveline, George, Feyzi, Thank you for an amazing and wonderfully delicious experience! We felt right at home with you all and can't believe we cooked such a great meal! The yogurt soup, green runner beans, stuffed eggplants and stuffed figs was one of the best meals we had in Istanbul! The people we were with were so friendly and we all enjoyed the fun and light atmosphere. Will definitely recommend to everyone we know! Thanks again, Julie and Brent, San Francisco, USA.
  • Can't thank you enough for such a fantastic cooking experience. Eveline, George, Feyzi, you all have a gift for sharing your wealth of knowledge regarding Turkish cuisine with flair and humor. Best wishes for continued success! Jennifer, Seattle, USA.
  • We want to thank the whole "Cooking Alaturka" team for the extraordinary support during the cooking lesson. We enjoyed your humor and experience! Inshallah we see you soon again! Ramone, Agostino, Alice and Didier, Switzerland.
  • Eveline and George, what a wonderful cooking and cultural experience! It was so warm, friendly, unrushed and just lovely. Keep it up and much success continued in the future. Meg, New York, NY, USA.
  • Heartfelt thank you for such a wonderful and fun evening! I must confess I am not the world's best cook but I absolutely loved your class and spending the evening with you all. A special mention to your head chef – thank you for making us laugh the whole time! I will definitely be back! Lots of love, Nadine, Sydney, Australia.
  • Thank you for an exciting learning experience in cooking – your lessons were complete, informative and divine. Thank you! Mary, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Thank you Evelyn and company! I had a most enjoyable cooking class and lunch today. When I return I will definitely recommend this for everyone! Lynda, Vancouver, Canada.
  • We loved your hospitality and openness and the warmth of the entire experience. The meal, certainly delicious, was only one more factor in a great and memorable evening. Best wishes for continued success. Marc, USA.
  • Dear Eveline, Feyzi and George, I truly enjoyed the experience. It was certainly the most unique experience I've had in Istanbul. Something I would definitely recommend. Doyet, Phillipines.
  • Thanks to all at Cooking Alaturka for changing my infantile attitude toward eggplant! Loved the food, loved the camaraderie in the kitchen and the delightful humor of your staff. Looking forward to your books, Eveline! Tesekkur ederim, Kimberly, San Diego, CA, USA.
  • A true highlight of our trip to Istanbul! Thank you for such an amazing experience, we can't wait to get home and show off our new cooking skills. Good luck. Nick, Rose, Alison, Sam, Linda, Judy, Clive, Uzes/Montpellier, France and London, UK.
  • Eveline, come back to Holland. We need you there! Tonny and Hans, Netherlands.
  • Thanks a lot for my first cooking experience. I started believing that once I will cook something on my own... later. Thank you to all of you, Imre, Budapest.
  • I hope that he will start to cook very soon! I was a great evening, thank you, Dora (Imre's girlfriend).
  • All kitchens should be like this: healthy ingredients, flavoured by fun. Love, ZsuZsu, Budapest, Hungary.

September 2011

  • This was a highlight of our travels – I spent more time in your kitchen than I've ever spent in mine (for the last 34 years in total!) Sue, USA.
  • I came, I saw, Evelyn conquered! Many many thanks for a wonderful and absolutely delicious adventure. Never have I enjoyed my own cooking as much! With every best wish, Wanda, Toronto, Canada.
  • What a wonderful evening! Learning, sharing and special consideration for us! All staff and Eveline gave care to "teach" correct cooking and the food was great. A Mississippi USA girl left happy.
  • We spent a wonderful evening here and the info learned will not be forgotten. Eva and Dan, Israel.
  • Eveline, Exceeded my expectations! Learned a lot, enjoyed Feyzi's sense of humor and finally just went LA-LA over all the flavors! Will recommend you highly. Thanks so much! Tonia, San Jose, California, USA.
  • Thank you for giving another window on the culture here in Turkey to us. You've allowed us to not only "see" and "hear" but also "smell" and "taste" it too, on a level that was very intimate. Thanks for opening our eyes. Cheers, Ivan and Wendi, USA.
  • Finally, after many years of walking past your cooking school, we have finally taken your class and it exceeded our expectations. So warm and inviting and the food of course was outstanding. We so enjoyed spending time with Eveline and George and Feyzi. We promise to send pictures of our re-created Turkish New Year's dinner in Minnesota. Wendy, Jackie, Mark, Dubai and Minnesota.

August 2011

  • This was absolutely fantastic. The recipes, the expertise and the fun made for a great experience. I can hardly wait to go home and dazzle friends and family with such exotic and delicious food. Loved it! A highlight of my trip here. Howard, Canada.
  • Thank you for a wonderful entertaining morning. Eveline: the perfect hostess, knowledgeable and obviously loves Turkey and its cuisine. Feyzi: funny and amusing! Food: wonderful and great to share with great company. Keep up the great work. Will be back and recommend to all in Oz. Please visit my restaurant Beyond India, North Adelaide, South Australia. My door is always open to you, George, Australia.
  • Being helped by humorous and wonderful chefs, we had a very good time. My son (6 years old), for whom it was the first experience of cooking, enjoyed the class very much. Thank you! We wish you good luck. Fumihiro and Noriko, Japan.
  • What a brilliant evening! We just stumbled upon this gem by chance and our afternoon/evening was one of the best of our Istanbul trip. Great to take the recipes home! Thank you so much and I will recommend. Good luck with your book. Margot, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Eveline, you've thought of everything to make this memorable – the small touches are as meaningful as the large ones are elegant. Please accept our appreciation for a wonderful experience and extend to Feyzi our thanks for his attention and sense of humor. Sincerely, Jerry and Neva, San Francisco Bay Area, USA.
  • We were very looking forward to this and yes... it was an incredible experience, something we will promote a lot with our friends in Argentina and the Netherlands. Thanks a lot and... we will be back! Walter, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

July 2011

  • Really enjoyed the cooking session, the company of fellow-cooks, your friendly and informative presence and the chief's cheerful teasing engagement. Will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues. Chris & Ann-Marie, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • The best afternoon I've had in Istanbul so far.... We made a delicious meal! And everyone in the restaurant ate it – olé! Mary, an American in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Thank you. We had a great time spending the afternoon in the kitchen. We learned some great knife skills and super techniques! It was a great introduction to Turkish cuisine and we'll never forget the special dinner. We also enjoyed the funniest chef in Istanbul! Daniel and Sabrina, USA.
  • Thank you so much! Had a great day – Best day thus far in Istanbul! Your place is fantastic! Great food, great people, great atmosphere! Eliza and Ben, Australia.
  • Eveline, I loved the experience – the smells, the chopping, the spices, the care for the food. I can't wait for my husband to recreate this! Lauren and Peter, Berkeley, CA, USA.
  • Thank you so much for a lovely cooking course. Ester, Iceland.
  • Wonderful experience. Exceeded expectations. Tharina, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Eveline & Feyzi, Thank you! I may not be a cook at heart but I appreciate artistry when I see it. Feyzi, I will juggle the lemons when you do! Del, USA.

June 2011

  • Lonely Planet is my bible and also where I discovered Cooking Alaturka. From the moment I opened the website and saw the menu on offer, I knew it was made for me! Then I e-mail and get a reply from Eveline almost straight away! Kim was friendly, thorough and informative in her advice, and Feyzi was very funny and good at what he does. A highlight of my short stay in this amazing city! Any jobs become available, call me, I'm moving in, ha ha ha! Rachelle, Australian living in Dubai, UAE.
  • Dear Eveline, Thank you so much for the great class – I loved the recipes and it was definitely an experience to cherish. I truly appreciate your cheerful, kind and polite manner of teaching – keep up the good work. Regards, Fatima, Pakistan.
  • Dear Eveline, Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! The food we enjoyed was delicious, and I can't wait to cook the recipes for my loved ones at home. You and George are such a welcoming couple, and your staff members are great! Good luck to you in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Jeanette, USA.
  • Dear Eveline, Thank you and your team for a great evening about Turkish cuisine and celebrating a great dinner together, just like a big Turkish family. Best, Bianca, Germany.
  • Fantastic and entertaining way to spend time in Istanbul. Definitely the best food eaten during our stay. Bill, Sydney, Australia.
  • The best food we have had in Turkey! Thank you so much for the hospitality, humor and fun. You are the sweetest, Eveline, and your chef is amazing and hilarious. Hope to see you again, Sarah and Blake, USA.

May 2011

  • Thank you Eveline for giving me a new perspective on the eggplant – will give it more chances from now on. Everything was delicious! Oana, Bucharest, Romania.
  • It was first experience in cooking class for us, perfect!! Enjoyed a lot. Very nice people. Chef is great! Thank you all for this wonderful evening! Eugenia and Ilya, Moscow, Russia.
  • I loved it. Eveline, what you've achieved is very inspiring. Feyzi, your jokes are not as good as the food! Will tell all my friends about this place. Kerri, Melbourne, Australia.
  • What a wonderful experience – culinary, cultural and just fun! This was the topping of the cake and a perfect ending to my Istanbul stay. Dale, USA.
  • This was sooo much fun – history is fantastic when you can eat it! Conversation and meeting people from all over was great fun! The lamb stew was religious! Gary, USA and Dubai.
  • Thank you so much! If you are ever in Atlanta, please come by Viking Cooking School on Peachtree for a class on me... Kimberly, USA.
  • Delicious and fun – not much more we could want! Thanks for making our grape leaves beautiful and helping my husband find a way to love eggplant as much as I do! Can't wait to try these recipes at home. Lisa and Clint, USA.

April 2011

  • I came alone, but was not alone! So glad you said yes to a solo traveler! Great conversation and you have rekindled my passion for cooking. My experience with you is indelibly etched into my memory! Certainly, this will be the highlight of my trip to Turkey. Best of luck. Continue to inspire cooks from all over the world! Fondly, Linda, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  • Amazing flavours in an amazing city. Thank you so much for a fantastic atmosphere to learn unique flavours and dishes. I can't wait to share these recipes with both my Australian and Italian family. Best of luck with your book. I look forward to learning a new menu during my next trip to Istanbul. Georgia, Perth, Australia (and Bergamo, Italy).

March 2011

  • Eveline, thank you so much for your hospitality and the amazing lesson in cooking. You made us feel very comfortable with your friendly personality and warm atmosphere, truly a pleasure. Karim and Sean, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Wonderful fun – I've lived here on and off for over two years but learned LOTS. Delicious! Jane, US Consulate General, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to learn about Turkish gastronomy. We had a great time! Agnes (gastro-blogger), Budapest, Hungary.
  • Eveline, this has been the best meal we have had in Turkey. Theresa and I are glad we came here on our honeymoon. This has truly been an amazing experience. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do next. Jason, Houston, TX, USA.
  • Dear Eveline, What a terrific experience! This class, and meal, is the hi-light of our trip – really... This is also the first time my husband has taken a cooking class so that says something! Good luck to you and Mr. Australia. Vin and Kristy, Salem, Oregon, USA.
  • What a memorable experience, learning to cook with you in Istanbul. Looking forward to making a Turkish dinner for my friends back in Hong Kong. Thank you for being such a gracious hostess, Evelyne!! All the best, Deborah, Hong Kong.
  • This has been such an amazing experience! My trip to Istanbul was whirlwind at best and at the end of my holiday thru Spain and Greece and it definitely tops the list. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening with great food and even better company! Lindsay, Poulsbo, Washington, USA.

February 2011

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful morning (and afternoon!) This experience is a must in our opinion along with the Aya Sofia and the Mosques! Wonderful food, lovely company, knowledgeable Chef and teachers, and a delicious meal to top it off! We hope to come back soon! Best wishes! Shalini and Nishat, NY and LA, USA.
  • Thanks so much Kim! I'm glad we came to your class! The fig dessert was amazing and so was the lamb with the eggplant! I've never had lamb that I enjoyed so much! Of all the international cooking courses I've taken, this is definitely the one I'm most likely to try at home! The chef made it seem so easy, and it was nice that the class was so hands-on. Diane, Washington DC, USA.
  • This was without a doubt the BEST cooking course EVER! The food was amazing! I can't wait to cook it for my family back home. Thanks so much! Paige, Perth, Australia.

January 2011

  • A great start of the year 2011! Thank you very much for an amazing experience and laughs. It was great to finish with the meal in the restaurant surrounded by patrons paying for what we'd helped prepare. Cheers, Rael and Ula, Australia and Poland.

December 2010

  • Thank you for a relaxed, authentic, fun cooking experience in a real working kitchen. A wonderful Christmas present! Laura and Olly, New Zealand.

November 2010

  • Eveline, George – Many thanks to you and Feyzi for giving us a magical evening – The food was wonderful but it was outdone by the companionship and connection you provided – we left as though we had been invited by close friends to share an evening in their home, and for that we are very grateful. Robin and Mary, USA.
  • Thanks for your lesson, now I will have a great success in Paris for my friends. Thanks a lot for your "patience" and the same for the staff. Annaig, Paris, France.

October 2010

  • Fabulous food and fabulous company. A pearl in the middle of Sultanahmet hassle. Marten and Matleena, Finland.
  • People from America, Africa and France
    Very interesting and such a good chance
    We came together to learn to cook
    It was such fun, definitely worth a look
    Thank you for giving us such a fun night
    And for bringing us together for a Turkish delight
    Zoe and Anna, England.

September 2010

  • Learning a new culture, seeing a new place, experiencing new countries and people, cannot be done better than through food. And I bet there is no better place to do all of these than at this cooking class. Awesome chef! Great instructor and most important of all: great food. Thank you for one of the best experiences of my travel in Turkey. Michael, USA.
  • After reading about Cooking Alaturka in LP, I ventured in for lunch and on my return visit, I HAD to know how to cook the food. Great class. Good hands-on and plenty of laughs. Thanks Eveline and Feyzi for an entertaining and informative day. I now have to go and have a Nano Nap! Bab, Australia.
  • Two dinners and a lunch is testament to the skill and beauty that Eveline exudes! Tim and Jennie, Australia.
  • Thank you very much for this informative and uncomplicated cooking class. We enjoyed it very much and even though we have cooked quite a lot as "old housewives" we still managed to learn a lot! Gaby and Astrid, Switzerland.
  • Even though the food is familiar to me as Arabic cook, but the experience is exciting and joy from A to Z. I like very much. Mohammed, Saudi Arabia.

August 2010

  • Oh man, so full, so good. Can't move. Ahh, goodnight... Marisa, USA.
  • An unparalleled gastronomic experience of the Turkish culture. "The way to a man's heart is thru his stomach." If and when my wife cooks this for me it will be another grand day. Thank you for the experience! Sajad (and Sonal), USA.
  • A wonderful experience! You are a gracious and knowledgeable hostess, quite passionate about the Turkish cuisine. Thank you for allowing us flexibility with the menu! Lyn and Jim, Chicago, IL, USA.

July 2010

  • Eveline – Thanks for a wonderful experience. We always think the best way to know a culture is through the food! Feyzi is a gem. Will certainly spread the word. Tim and Pari, NYC and Colorado, USA.

June 2010

  • It is said that Turkish food is one of the top three best foods in the world. Now I know why. Thank you for the entertaining and educational cooking class. Mary-Ann, Muscat, Oman.
  • Dear Eveline, This was an incredible experience and one I will surely never forget. The food we learned how to prepare was divine and I will think of you, and of Istanbul, every time I "weep" my onions. All the very best! Leanne, NYC, USA.
  • Eveline, I can't wait to try your recipes at home in Montreal, with friends. I really liked the cooking class! Daniel, Canada.
  • Thanks for the lovely food and lessons in cooking such complex food! It was delicious, the kitchen was well set up and the staff were very friendly. Thanks, Monique, Australia.

May 2010

  • Dear Eveline, the Blue Mosque is magnificent. Hagia Sophia is impressive, but your class was an absolute joy. Thank you for providing a gem of an experience on our first (but not last) trip to beautiful Istanbul. Ron and Bri, George Washington University, USA.
  • A wonderful journey for the palette and the delightful conversation with a group of fellow-travellers. The food and flavours were so fresh. Thanks for a great experience. Lily and Alan, Australia (honeymoon – cruise).
  • Thank you for a fabulous evening! We stayed an extra night in Istanbul, just for a cooking class. Well worth it. We will definitely host a Turkish Delight party once we're home with all your recipes and warmth! Take care. All the best, PS: keep me updated on your book! Jacki, blogger from LA – www.jackiueng.com.
  • Hi Eveline and staff, Henny and I loved being part of the cooking class. One eats abroad often, but it usually doesn't get much further than whether it was good or not so good. Now we go home with the positive feeling that we've gotten to know the Turkish cuisine in a way that we'll never forget. It was delicious and we'll give it a try at home! Laura, Netherlands.
  • We have completed cooking classes in different countries and this one is our favorite. Excellent instruction and hands-on training was very helpful. You don't need any cooking experience – very easy to follow recipes. Loved the flavor profiles. Trudy and Julie, USA.
  • Looking for a more authentic experience while in Turkey, I was so pleased to find your class online. We greatly enjoyed the small class size, the care and love that Eveline shows in preparing the food, and the intimacy we had while sitting down to eat after the class. The food was delicious, and we can't wait to try out the recipes at home! Melissa, Virginia, USA.
  • This was a beautiful experience, very entertaining and useful to understand the Turkish cuisine and culture. It would be nice to do this in each foreign country! Giorgia, Trento, Italy.
  • I've been searching hard for a little outing to spoil my mom. This class was more than I'd dared to hope for. We both enjoyed every second. The cooking part was informative and fun, the eating part even more fun and above all, tasty! Angelou and Jeanne, Netherlands.

April 2010

  • Excellent food, excellent wine... we will miss this in Saudi Arabia... Craig.
  • Thank you for the tasty easy enough to make food... and for the first step into the Turkish cuisine. Katie and Thomas, Germany.
  • Please come and live at my flat and cook for me every day... What a fabulous morning – really informative, loads of fun and delicious food. The smoked "eggplant" (aubergine to us!) is something else. Hosted brilliantly, thank you! Megan and David, London, UK.
  • This cooking class is on my top 5 list "Things to do in Istanbul." It was very exciting to get behind the scenes and roll up my sleeves to help making some of my favorite dishes. And I'll long be remembering the smell of freshly chopped herbs and onions. Olga, Russia (now a Turkish cooking instructor).
  • Well organized teaching session with lots of involvement, using local ingredients and creative menu. Added bonus was eating our creations and meeting an interesting group. John and Vivienne, Sydney, Australia.

March 2010

  • This was an experience that really delivered EVERYTHING that was promised. A little "rare" in Istanbul and therefore colossally welcome. I enjoyed every minute, every mouthful and will recommend. Fran, Watford, UK.
  • Wonderful! I loved cooking up the feast and then serving it up to my family. I look forward to trying to recreate this at home! Thanks, Sarah, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.
  • Thanks to Feyzi and Evelyn for a lovely evening. We will be appreciated by our wives when we invite them for dinner. Bengt, Thomas, Lennart, Mats, Krister, Leif, Rune, Ola (8 men from Sweden).

February 2010

  • A fun experience and super good food. One of the beautiful impressions that we'll take home from Istanbul. Our nice fellow cooks, coming from all over the world, added to the fun. Akiko and Ryoko, Berlin, Germany.
  • A fantastic experience!!! A memory that I am wearing, ha ha! Carlos, Argentina.

December 2009

  • Many thanks for the tremendous food, company and good spirits. Warmed us through on a chilly and rainy afternoon. Best, Kristin, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Chris, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

November 2009

  • We had a great time in the kitchen and even better time in eating, especially the eggplant dish. This was a great way to get closer to Turkish culture. Katri, Finland.
  • The food, explanations and scenario were great, and the staff even nicer! Hopefully we'll try our own Turkish delicacies at home. Javier, Pamplona, Spain.
  • Unforgettable, these two lunches! The diversity of tastes and smells will forever be embedded in our memory. Henri and Jerome, France.
  • What a fantastic experience. Strolling from our hotel around the corner we saw your cooking class. We stepped in and a mere five minutes later we were behind the stove cooking delicious Turkish dishes. Thanks for an inspiring and relaxing cooking experience. Thanks also to our Belgian and American cooking companions for a few fun hours! Roger and Angela, Netherlands.

October 2009

  • Wow! Your expertise is amazing! A special thank you to the co-workers who did a wonderful job. I had no idea that Turkish coffee was made that way. Barbara, Australia, 4th year in Turkey – I love the place!
  • Oh. My. Goodness!! We consider ourselves extraordinarily lucky to have found such an amazing place! We love cooking at home, but the instruction, the setting, the quality of ingredients and – above all – the kindness of our hosts made this our most memorable experience in our trip to Istanbul. Thank you so very much for the creativity of your business idea and the generosity you show in sharing your food and company with us. We look forward to learning more as time goes on and sharing back the dishes and our memories with friends for years to come. Yours very truly, Mary-Anne, Washington, DC, USA.

September 2009

  • Wonderful experience and we shall definitely make the mezze at home. Thank you also for the tips about things to do and see in this beautiful city. Diane, Canberra, Australia.
  • My 5th class and still always fun. Thanks, Kathy, Portland, Oregon, USA (now a Turkish cooking instructor).
  • Thanks Eveline, Had a great time and if I can't cook a good meal now it won't be due to any lack of effort on your part! Décor is glorious too... Pat Yale, guide book writer and columnist, Cappadocia, Turkey.

August 2009

  • Thank you so much for such a special experience. Everything was very tasty and the lesson was very well organized. This class made my stay in Turkey more fun! Good luck with your book – I look forward to seeing it soon! Nanako, Luxembourg.
  • What a meal! As my husband and I are serious foodies, we can appreciate the tips, advice, and secrets that we learned. This has been our most pleasant stay in Istanbul thus far. Cheers! Elizabeth and James, Washington, DC, USA.
  • You have made a mother's dream come true... a family cooking fabulous Turkish food upon their first night in Istanbul. Thank you, thank you, Eveline and Feyzi! We will be back and please come visit in Boston. Love, Brooke, Will, Caroline, Henry, Andrew and Annie, USA.

July 2009

  • Thank you so much – this has been the highlight of my time in Istanbul! I can't wait to go back to Ireland and cook delicious Turkish food for my friends there. A cooking class is such a great way to learn about another culture and people. Thanks very much for your patience, time and kindness. I won't forget Cooking A La Turka! See you soon! Martha, Dublin, Ireland
  • Wow, so much fun. A great way to spend half a day – lovely food and expertise (and patient!) guidance. I'd recommend this to anyone visiting Istanbul. Chris from London and Taxmnha from Tajikistan.
  • It was a pleasure learning how to cook such delicious food with such good company. This was really fun! We truly enjoyed every moment of it and love how you taught us the little tricks to cooking. We appreciate your attention to detail and your place. Your restaurant is very cozy and homey. We would definitely recommend this to our friends. The Turkish coffee was a great ending! With love, Haya, Nadine and Randa, Kuwait.
  • We need to take Feyzi back with us to Toronto. We just cannot cook this amazing meal without him. Thank you Eveline for this wonderful evening of Turkish tastes, flavours, delights, spices and dishes. We enjoyed every last morsel. Cok tesekkur ederim. Eric and Beth, Toronto, Canada.
  • Eveline and Feyzi: After traveling on a rather tight budget we decided to splurge and have a great Turkish meal and cooking class while in Istanbul and we are so thankful we came to Cooking Alaturka. What a fantastic experience! Most people don't get this true Turkish meal and we learned a lot, met amazing people, and had a great time. Thanks so much! Lauren, Sean Marie, Christina, Chicago and Indianapolis, USA.

June 2009

  • Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much, your company and your food are perfect compliments. Where else can you have such a wonderful experience? Thank you much! Luke and Laurie, Seattle, WA and Seoul, Korea.
  • There's only one word for it – yum! We just hope that we can recreate it in our own kitchen. Thank you for a great experience (and the restaurant tips!) Shaheda, London, UK.
  • This was really great. I'll try the stew and rice pudding at home definitely! Thank you so much, I had a really good time. Lot, Amsterdam, NL.

May 2009

  • The way to one's heart is through the stomach – this goes for our love of Turkey as well. Eveline brings everyone closer to the Turkish culture with her cooking school. Kolay gelsin! Tesekkur ederim! Albrecht, Germany.
  • Organization, atmosphere, chopping and cutting, cooking and the supervision all lead us to a truly wonderful eating experience. I picked up a few really useful cooking tips too. Thank you for a great morning at your place. I'd certainly do it again and recommend the whole experience. Irmgard, USA.
  • An afternoon of cooking at "Cooking Alaturka" is a great way to get to know the culinary aspect of Turkish culture. Fun and convivial to do, topped off by delicious food. The fig dessert was a real winner. And let's not forget the Turkish wine! Enjoy! Astrid and Annekee, Breda, Netherlands.

April 2009

  • Everything was great: the food, the recipes, the company. I got so much out of this course! A delicious lunch was a bonus. Lots of good insights to take home. I would definitely repeat. You must be very proud of your business! Good luck! Elizabeth, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful dishes with us. This was an amazing experience and you are a very admirable and interesting woman. I wish you luck in all of your dreams and goals. I will remember this day forever! Thank you again and looking forward to reading your book! Best wishes, Aliah, Dubai, UAE.
  • The food was really exceptional, still easy to prepare under so good and simple instructions, given by Ms. Eveline. We, of course, will come again to master our understanding of the Turkish cuisine. Yevgen, Odessa, Ukraine.
  • A treat to work with Evelyn and Feyzi in their spotless kitchen. Fabulous food, lots of fun, great luncheon partners. Joyce and Tony, Montreal, Qc, Canada.

March 2009

  • The French can learn a lot here – long live Turkish cuisine! Anne-Marie, Paris, France.

December 2008

  • An amazing experience. We have taken many cooking classes around the world and this is one of the best. Thanks! Adam and Amanda, Sydney and London.

November 2008

  • Thank you for this "peek into your kitchen." It certainly contributed to our cultural adaptation in Istanbul and I'm sure that we will apply all that we learned today quite often at the "Palais." Onno and Sigrid, Netherlands Consul-General, Istanbul.

October 2008

  • Eveline is such an accomplished chef and business professional! It was so wonderful to experience the Turkish cuisine in your gorgeous restaurant! We will absolutely recommend this to our friends and fellow travelers. Patricia and Chris, Sterling, VA, USA.
  • My "Cooking Alaturka" experience ranks at the top of all my experiences on my trip to Turkey. Thank you for the special treatment, the wonderful food and the warm hospitality. Thank you for giving me a memory that I will long cherish. Sincerely, Steve, Los Angeles, USA.

June 2008

  • Thank you for the wonderful experience! My husband sent me here so he could get some work done, but it definitely turned out to be a highlight of my trip. Thank you so much, Janelle, UK.

May 2008

  • It is like a dream come true. To be able to learn not only Turkish food, but also the tradition. I feel I'm taking in heart a piece and taste of the amazing land "Turkey." Keep it up and I will make it a point to return. Nasreen, Kuwait.