Feyzi Yıldırım photo

Hi, I'm Rocco Strazzera. I became the proud new owner of 'Cooking Alaturka' in July 2015. After working for 20 years as a chef of high quality Mediterranean cuisine in Palermo, London, and Istanbul, I came across this brilliantly taught cooking school (Istanbul's first cooking school) and fell in love with it. My wife Leyla introduced me to Turkish cuisine when we moved to Istanbul in 2006. I became a dual Italian-Turkish citizen and began to combine my Italian passion for Mediterranean food and culture with the varied flavors of Turkey. I offered Italian cuisine with an eastern twist in restaurants like Reina. I love to work with local products, regional dishes, and the rich array of spices that make the current Istanbul culinary scene so vibrant and colourful.

I am happy and always available to share my knowledge and expertise with my students. I have to admit that I greatly enjoy being part of this unique culinary adventure. And it is precisely because all students share the same passion and are open to new ideas and culture that even a four hour class can be such a unique, informative and fun experience. We look forward to meeting you and enjoying the mixture of cultures together!